Land Use Forum

In November 2022, our voluntary efforts to improve access to nature, working in partnership with Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park and Forestry and Land Scotland, led to our community being invited to participate in a Regional Land Use Planning pilot project.

Planning how land is used and managed is normally a Government activity, working in partnership with land managers, planning authorities and other non-governmental organisations (such as Forestry and Land Scotland, the RSPB, Scottish Water, etc). As part of the Scottish Government's objectives for a Just Trasition to Net Zero, community involvement was seen as crucial. 6 communities across Scotland were invited to participate in the pilot.

Community and local landowner engagement, including a series of webinars and community meetings, resulted in a Land Use Vision document being presented to the Scottish Government. The associated recommendations would go on to inform the development of our Lochgoil Local Place Plan for 2024-2029 and a local Land Use Forum, designed to encourage open dialogue between land managers and the community, outwith the normal planning processes.

To understand more about Land Use and the changes that might be required, Adaptation Scotland have produced an excellent range of interactive  infographics to help explain how communities can become "climate ready"

Land Use Forum

In January 2024, funded by a grant from Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park and the Scottish Government, our community was invited to produce recommendations for convening a local Land Use Forum to encourage closer working between the community and landowners, particularly with regard to tackling climate change and restoring natural habitats. 

Our Land Use Forum implementation proposal was approved by the Board of the Trust and forwarded to our sponsors in March 2024.

Land Use Forum

Community-led land use decision making