Donich Hydro


The Donich Hydro is a 1.35MW installation in Glen Donich. It is one of three ground-breaking schemes taken forward on the National Park estate and was developed by Broadland Energy (Donich) Limited, a subsidiary of Broadland Properties. 


Facing increasing pressure on ever diminishing public and private financial assistance, Lochgoil Community Trust chose to invest in the project to help ensure the financial stability of the community and to make a significant contribution to an environmentally sustainable future.



The Donich Hydro scheme was a major, multi-year undertaking for the Trust and in particular, our project lead Peter Clarke. Lochgoil Energy Limited (LEL), a subsidiary of Lochgoil Community Trust, was set up to enable the community to invest in and share electricity generation profits, taking a 20% stake in the scheme. To do so, the Trust secured a £33,300 grant from the Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme (CARES) and a £740,000 loan from the Scottish Government’s Renewable Energy Investment Fund (REIF). Associated shares, income and dividends are made out to LEL under the agreement. Income from the scheme is then transferred to the Trust annually for charitable distribution to the community.


Community Income

Since becoming operational in September 2016, this Green Energy Award nominated scheme has over-performed (thanks to Lochgoil weather), generating more than £20,000 for the community each year, which will rise significantly when the REIF loan is repaid in year 15. The community is expected to earn over £1.2 million over the 40-year lifespan of the project. Lochgoil Community Trust will continue to seek beneficial partnerships in renewable energy projects.